Shelley’s Instant Attraction Generator Package

Today I’ll be reviewing – Shelley’s Instant Attraction Generator Package. This will be mostly a look at all the information I’ve been able to gather about it. I haven’t actually gone out and bought – instead I’ve done all the research about it, to save you the hassle. I will be giving it a score, and I’ll explain exactly what that’s based on. For more data on how I research and collect all the product info, please visit my About page. Before I continue, please note that if you end up buying this product, I may receive a commission payment. To see exactly what this means and how I stay impartial, have a look into how the site funding works

Product Information

Product – Shelley’s Instant Attraction Generator Package
Standard Price$27
Our Rating33.97/100
CategorySelf-Help Dating Guides
Special OffersNo
Bonus AvailableYes

You’ve discovered my review because you are keen to see if a specific product is worth buying. Well, you’ve come to the right spot because my critiques are extremely well detailed and will most definitely give you the information you need to make a decision. I start by taking you through some of the more general details, like price and then move on to the product specifics, such as sales and refunds figures, which you’ll also get another chance to examine later. If you are interested in seeing what else is available that you can buy, you’ll also find that my section on the vendor’s additional products is very useful too. I’ll also provide you with information on additional products and any worthwhile offers that are available from the same seller. To finish, I will give you the product’s total ranking and another short rundown. So, why don’t we get going.

The Sales Rank

How is this judged? Well, the payment processor for this product releases stats on sales. They produce a stat called Gravity. This gives the product a score of anything from 0 to over 1000 and gives you a good indication of the number of sales a product has had. The gravity ranking for – Shelley’s Instant Attraction Generator Package is 1.82295. That might not mean very much to you, so I have compared it to all the other products and given it a rating out of 100. This should be more useful. I have placed – Shelley’s Instant Attraction Generator Package100.00/100, so this means that it is top of the sales charts, selling extremely well and I recommended that you take a further look.

The Overall Vendor Refund Rate

Now, this one’s a little debatable. It doesn’t apply to – Shelley’s Instant Attraction Generator Package but in fact to all the products being sold by The scale of this ranking is between 1 and 5, with a rating of 1 meaning that there have been a lot of refunds and with a ranking of 5 meaning that there have only been a few. A 3 is given to new releases or products where not enough data is available. Again, this information comes direct from the payment processor (see here for more info). has scored a rating of and this .

The Domain – what can I spot?

How do we find out more about Well, the fastest thing to do is to take a detailed look at the web page. You can generally get a good idea of how reputable something is by the state of the site. If it has been in existence for a while, then you will in most cases be able to trust it, whereas if it’s extremely new, you should be cautious. In this case the site has 2 pages, which is not very many and so you can probably safely assume that the web page is not that well proven. Next we can have a look at how many other web sites are linking to this one, and how authoritative those websites are. As you can imagine, if a web-site has been linked to by a large number of reputable websites, it is in itself more likely to be trustworthy. So, has around 0 links pointing at it with an authority score of 70.83/100 which is above average and means that the site is something of an authority. We have investigated the domain and can see that it was registered by Oneandone, Private Registration. To see the full details of the domain registration please click here. We also know something about the other products that this vendor is offering.

Other products – what else is the merchant selling?

At this time, we can see that the vendor has 9 additional products available. Not only might you find another product that you’re interested in but it will also give you a good idea about what kind of seller the vendor is. See below for the full list of products:

NamePriceBuy Now
Sexual Status and Free Bonuses –$59.95Buy Now
Shelley’s IAG System W/ Romantic Authority Added! –$37.00Buy Now
Shelley’s Iag, Romantic Authority, & Sexual Qualification Combo! –$47.00Buy Now
Shelley’s Instant Attraction Generator + Magnetic Attraction – Get Instant Attraction Generator + unlimited access to everything in the Magnetic Attraction Program – no woman will ever say “You’re not my type” again. Just 8 monthly payments of 59.95 with the first payment coming just 14 days after your free trial.$59.95Buy Now
Shelley’s Refined Man Package –$19.95Buy Now
Shelley’s Superior Man Package –$49.95Buy Now
Shelleys Attract Her Faster Package –$149.95Buy Now
Shelleys Attract Her Faster Package You Choose –$69.95Buy Now
Shelleys Elite Package W/ Private Coaching –$270.00Buy ow

Current Special Deals

Right now there are 0 special offers or upgrades for sale from this merchant.

Where to Buy

You will not be able to purchase this vendor’s product/s anyplace else online, or offline for that matter, so if you do decide to buy from them, you will need to do so from their web site In some cases, though, you won’t be able to find the product you’re looking for on their web page – maybe the special offer or other product is only mailed out by e-mail and not listed openly on the website. In such cases, you can still buy by clicking directly right through to the payment page on the payment processor website. How do you find the link? Well, just look above in the list of other products and special offers.

The Overall Authority Score

So, this considers the sales rank, the refund rate, and the domain authority to establish a rough dependability estimate. This is a guess by a computer algorithm formula so it’s not going to be 100% correct. Even so, it should definitely help you in your final decision whether or not to buy this product. The score is 33.97/100 which is approximately average.

Bonus Offer

At the beginning of this review, you will remember that I pointed out it is possible for me to receive a commission, if you wind up buying the product after clicking through to the vendor’s site from one of my links on this website. As a sign of good faith, we would therefore like you to accept our offer of an extra. To learn all about that added bonus, please go here.