Welcome to feelings-eternal.com. I’m Shaun Hoobler. So, this site is a little different. I’m straight talking, honest about what this site is and how it can help you. A lot of “review” sites out there are just interested in saying whatever it takes to get you to buy the product they happen to be reviewing. No so here. So, let’s start with a few home truths.

All product evaluation here is done by a robot

Say what? Well, it’s simple really. Seeing as you can’t really trust what anyone says on the internet, and people’s opinions are just that (opinions), I needed a more impartial way to evaluate these products. To do so, I turned towards cold, hard data. This is what drives the ratings behind all of my reviews.

So what data do you use?

The majority of the data comes from the payment processor, a company called Clickbank. They publish two key statistics on all of these products. The first is called Gravity. This shows me roughly how popular a product is. I take this Gravity figure and compare it between all the sites that I’m reviewing. That way, I can create a weighted sales rank so you can see which are the most popular products on the site.

The second stat that comes from Clickbank is a star rating that they produced in January 2013. This was a rating between 1-5 that showed how many refunds a vendor was getting. 5 is very few refunds whilst 1 is too many refunds. You can click here to read all about the Star Ratings. Unfortunately, star ratings are only currently available for products release before January 2013. Other products are assigned a default 3 star rating.

Thirdly, I have a look at the domain that the product is being sold from. This aspect is given the least weight in the overall authority score, but is nevertheless interesting. I have a look at the other pages on the domain and how many other sites are linking in. To do this I use the ahrefs.com tool.

How this site is financed

It’s important for me to disclose exactly how this site is financed. All review sites should make it eplicitly clear to their readers is their reviews could result in any financial gain for them. If so, it presents the reviewer with an opportunity to be biased in order to persuade the reader to purchase the product. On this site, I do get a commission from the product vendor if I sent a reader over to them and they end up buying. The vendor knows I have sent you over through the use of “affiliate links”. These are marked with an asterix * in the report. However, I am able to remain unbiased seeing as I just use data to produce every evaluation.